University of Mississippi Dining is now cashless at all campus dining locations

Going Greek


  • 7 meals per week
  • 200 Dining Dollars
  • FALL 2022

All freshmen assessed for university housing are required to purchase a university semester meal plan BOTH Fall and Spring Semesters of their freshmen year, regardless of Greek affiliation. Sorority/fraternity houses may offer their own meal plans, which are not to be confused with the required university meal plans. University meal plans and sorority/fraternity house meal plans can complement each other, and allow you to eat on campus, as well as, with your organization. The university does not govern or influence sorority/fraternity house meal plans, and all financial arrangements are made between the student and the organization, and are separate from the university.

All that are participating in sorority recruitment are required to have the Move In Week plan in the Fall Semester. The Move In Week plan begins at least one week before the semester meal plans, and any unused meals remain accessible through the end of semester final exams. Although it is required in the Fall Semester for students participating in sorority recruitment, it is available for any student to choose. The Move In Week plan is not required for fraternity pledges. Move In Week meals are not automatically reassessed in the Spring Semester.

Students invited to become a member of a sorority or fraternity have an opportunity to change their university meal plan to the Going Greek Meal Plan in the Fall Semester and the Spring Semester, based on proof and date of pledge, in addition to any meals that may be provided at the sorority/fraternity house. If Greek membership is suspended by either the student or the organization, then the university Going Greek meal plan will automatically default to the previous meal plan election, with adjustments made to the ID accounts and the Bursar account. Students do not have to change their university meal plan to the Going Greek Meal Plan; this is simply an option. To view all freshmen meal plan options, visit Freshmen Resident Meal Plans.

If a meal plan is required, and a meal plan is not selected, the Rebel Unlimited Plus One meal plan will be automatically assessed. The Residential College Unlimited Plus One meal plan is required for all residents of the Residential College and is automatically assessed for students assigned to Residential College Housing. The Going Greek meal plan will not satisfy this requirement and is not an option to those assessed for a room in the Residential College, including Lucky Day Residential College (LDRC) and Residential College South (RCS).

If selecting a meal plan after semester fees and meal plan assessment, it is considered a meal plan change and must be submitted by meal plan change request form online through to be considered. Once fees are assessed, the first change is done at no charge. $25 is assessed for additional changes. Adjustments, for usage from the previous meal plan, will be made to the new meal plan, Flex, or Ole Miss Express, after the change is completed. If meals or funds are not available for adjustment, the Bursar account will be billed for previous meal plan usage, in addition to the new meal plan.